How To Give Vote Of Thanks


To give vote of thanks in any gathering is an uphill task to many. Very many people whether secondary leavers, under graduates and even graduates cannot give the right vote of thanks when called upon to do so.

I remember vividly during my youth service in our orientation camp. The then state administrator’s wife came to give lecture on a very important issue. At the end of the programme, a lady corps member was called upon to give vote of thanks.

Imagine the flop! “Madam thank you, thank you”, as she struggled with the microphone, not knowing what to do or say. That was all she knows about giving vote of thanks.

One of my colleague from the same school with her was mad with rage. A graduate in English for that matter who ought to know better?

Vote of thanks in a simple language is a show of appreciation to the invited guests present which does not require much talks.

This post is therefore designed to educate many out there on how to give vote of thanks in any occasion or gathering whenever you asked to do so.

To go about giving vote of thanks, you must:

Firstly, relax your mind and take a look at the people present. You can then begin by recognizing the Chairman or the special guest of the occasion down to members present. Go ahead to stand on the protocols or observe all protocols. This simply means maintaining the status quo.

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Secondly, begin by saying on behalf of the host or celebrant, which of course means in their interest, you appreciate the guest speaker, the guests and every member for taking time off their numerous business engagements to come from far and near for the programme. In addition, the guest in question has done justice to the topic or whatever is at stake by educating everyone present.

Thirdly, you take another step of giving vote of thanks by make the speaker or whoever is concerned and indeed present to know that you appreciate the services rendered and that you believe it was educative and beneficial to everyone present.

Fourthly, you can then say that what you have experienced in that very occasion is so joyous which of course needs a yearly or constant occurrence or happening. That whenever they are invited for such programme again, you will be glad they honour it or oblige.

Finally, to give vote of thanks, proceed to say that it was a success and wish every guest a safe journey or safe drive back to their various destinations.

Conclude by saying once again, thank you.

I strongly believe the above post would be of immense help to those who would not know what to do or say or simply run away all because you are called to give vote of thanks.

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 An example of what a good vote of thanks should look like is this, using the corps member as a case study.

All protocols duly observed, on behalf of the State Director, Staff of NYSC and my fellow corps members, I sincerely thank the First Lady for taking time from her busy schedules to come all the way from the State Capital to share more light on this sensitive topic.

No doubt, we have really learnt a lot from your educative and entertaining talks. We hope Madam, when we invite you for another round of talks like this in the nearest future, you will oblige.

We pray the Almighty God will grant you and your entourage journey mercies back to your destinations.

Thank you.

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