Lara George: Biography And Net Worth

Lara George is a Nigerian female songwriter, gospel singer and producer. She is one of the best gospel artists Nigeria has produced and was born into the family of Oluwole Bajomo family in Lagos State Nigeria.


Her Educational Background

Lara George had her primary and secondary education at Queen’s College, Yaba in Lagos Nigeria and later went to the Lagos State University where she had a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Her academic discipline aside, she built her career in music when she enrolled in the Campus Fellowship Choir.

While on campus, Lara was in a now disbanded music group called KUSH (Kinetically Ushering Salvation into Hearts and Homes). Though this group with their top single “Let us live together” was very popular on campus with a recorded hit success from their experience album, it did not last long. With just one album to their credit, the group came to an abrupt end, due largely to egoistic calculations and financial uncertainties that surround humanities. In the group were Toyin Bello, Dapo Tormiro, Emem Iyang and of course the talented Lara George. Their fans also felt the impact of the disappointing split then.

Lara went fully into gospel music. She released her debut album, Forever In My Heart‘, in 2008 and the hit single, Ijoba Orun was another hit song that earned her a good number of awards and nominations. She became a force to reckon with in the gospel music industry in Nigeria.

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Lara George Songs

Lara George has a good number of hit songs to her credit including:

  • Dansaki
  • You Alone Oluwa Medley
  • Ijoba Orun
  • Ko Le Baje
  • Love Nwantintin
  • Halleluyah
  • Ko Ma Si/ Nobody Like You
  • Forever In My Heart
  • Mu Mi De’le
  • Fig Tree
  • Rest of My Life
  • O Ti Se

 His Awards And Nominations

Lara George like other celebrities has won several  awards and nominations including:

  • Best Voice of the Year
  • Best Song of the Year
  • Best Female Artiste of the Year
  • Best Nigeria Gospel Music Awards
  • Best Nigeria’s Gospel Artiste of the Year
  • Best Female Vocalist of the Year
  • Best Nigeria’s Gospel Artiste of the Year
  • Best Female Artiste AGMA
  • Trailblazer of the Year

Her Personal Life:

Lara is married to Gbenga George, a brilliant legal practitioner and music entrepreneur. They are happily married and the union is blessed with  two children – Tiaraoluwa and Adeoba.

 Lara George Net Worth

Lara George is one of the most talented, most gifted and most creative gospel singer in Nigeria with a net worth of about $300,000 dollars, aside assets to her credit.

Lara George Social Media Handles

Lara George like other celebrities is also on  media platform in Nigeria. She can be reached on:

  • Twitter@LaraGeorge
  • instagram@Lara George Music
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