Top 10 Rated Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria


Education they say is the best legacy any parents can bequeath to his children. Thus, getting your child to one of the best schools is a great way to invest heavily in their future so as to groom them academically, socially and morally so that they can relate well in the society.

Cretaria for measuring schools as best are based on the availability of modern facilities, academic records, socialization and what it offers in general to staff, students and the host community alike.

To achieve this therefore, it becomes pertinent to put such a child in any of the best schools mentioned below.

This article highlights the top 10 rated best Secondary schools in Nigeria. They are:

  1. The British International High School


This is a multi-national, co-educational school in Lagos that offers a British style curriculum to students.


The school is well equipped with world-class facilities, world-class infrastructure, foreign staff, highly esteemed local staff with optimum educational qualifications, world-class laboratories.


The school equally has both boarding and day facilities. The school serves both the Nigerian local community and expatriates looking for a British education within an international setting.

  1. The American International School of Lagos


This is another highly rated private, co-educational school in Lagos. It offers an American educational program for students of all nationalities.


The School which was established in 1964, with a mission to providing sound academic and exemplary American educational experience. It exposes students to international academic, social perspectives that will give them the rare opportunities to excel.


  1. Chrisland School: Is one of the top 10 best schools in Nigeria.


The school is located at No. 26, Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos.

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The School’s vision is to be at the forefront in the private education sector, and to nurture the children to become all they can be through quality all-round education, from kindergarten to tertiary level.

The school also has  private day and boarding mixed school located in the heart of Ikeja. It operates British Nigerian curriculum for Secondary learners.

The facilities Include:
Good Multipurpose hall
Standard ICT Centre
Sport Complex/Play Ground
Good & Standard Library
Swimming Pool
School Bus Service
Good & Standard Laboratory
Zoological/Botanical Garden
Sick Bay
Interactive Whiteboard
Extra Curriculum Activities
French or foreign languages
Inter-House Sports
Special Music Class
Quiz/Debate/Spelling Bee
Colour Day
Costume Day
Karate, Kung-fu etc
Prize/Award giving day
Etiquette (Teaching)
Voice training
Local excursions/field trips
Foreign field trips


  1. Grange Schools, Lagos Sate.

This is another top 10 rated school in Nigeriawith sound moral and academic records. The school is located in Lagos state.

The school’s vision is to nurture the children to become all they can be through quality all-round education, from secondary to the University level.

The school also has private day and boarding mixed school located in Lagos state.  It operates British Nigerian curriculum for all Secondary learners.

  1. Loyola Jesuit College

This school is located in Abuja and runs both Junior and Senior Secondary programmed.


They tend to balance this through educational philosophy, and academic and social development. The School also has a rich, well-rounded curriculum, and an extensive range of sporting and social activities to meet world class standard.

Equipped with modern days infrastructures established in a serene environment both the day and boarding facilities. They have a wide variety of academic subjects which are delivered to the students by a dedicated and professional staff.

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  1. Christ the King College


This school is located in Onitsha, in Anambra state.

Here students are well groomed to be responsible and socially aware to face an increasingly demanding world with confidence and a zest for life.


The school is dedicated to train students with skills required to stand out in the future. Its mission is to facilitate, nurture and instill in youths a thirst for goodness, discipline and knowledge based on Catholic moral principles, in preparation for life’s journey.


  1. Kaduna International School

The school was established in 1985.

The school is run by a Board of Trustees. In terms of infrastructure, the school is well endowed with standard facilities established in a serene environment.

It has a well equipped library, science laboratory, Information Technology (ICT), Musical Department and others to cope with the 21st century requirements.

The school’s Nigerian curriculum blends also with that of the British curriculum and the students and the School have maintained world class standard.


  1. Igbinedion Educational Centre

This is one of the top 10 secondary schools in Nigeria, located in Benin City Edo State.

It has a proven track record of academic excellence and incorporates high international standards for its students. It organizes relevant extra-curricular activities for its students.

The school has groomed a number of high profiled figures in our society today through its dedicated, well experienced and highly reputable teachers.

  1. Corona School, Apapa was founded in 1958. It started off in the same building with the day nursery but later moved to its permanent site at 6, Park lane, Apapa.
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The school has a rich and unique blend from the British curriculum, International Curriculum and Nigerian curriculum

Its Mission is to deliver world class education students. The school inculcates high moral and ethical value in their students as well as prepare them for a life of service and fulfillment.

  1. Citadel International College

The school is located in Ondo State and has a conducive learning environment with both boarding and day facilities.

The School works hard to maintain a high moral standard. The aim of the school is to provide total education for the students by teaching tolerance, peaceful co-existence and leadership lessons to prepare the students for the future.


The school has been able to demonstrate this through sound academic records, social activities, infrastructures, adequate manpower and high moral excellence.


Their curriculum blends the Nigerian curriculum with that of the British and the students at Citadel International College are well tutored for exams like the IGCSE, NECO and WASSCE, SAT and TOEFL.


In conclusion therefore, if you are looking for top 10 rated secondary schools in Nigeria with modern facilities, take your child or ward to any of the above mentioned schools.


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