Mary Ogbonna: Biography And Net Worth

Mary Ogbonna, fondly and widely known as Biliki Sisiraju in Clinic Matters, a sitcom that has gained popularity, is a popular Nollywood actress.
She was born in Ibadan in 1976 but hails from Imo State in south eastern Nigeria. Her father was a strict disciplinarian who she believes has made her what she is today.

Educational Background
Mary Ogbonna had her primary and secondary education in Ibadan. She later obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the Lagos State University.

Her Acting Career
Mary made her entry into acting dated back to her days in the secondary school and churches when she used to act plays and dance drama movies.
Her passion for acting made her to register with a skills club, an association that was established in Ibadan then, essentially to act movies. This was the beginning of her journey into acting profession.
Mary first experience on set was on the movie, ‘Breaking News’, a movie she revealed was so exciting but saw herself little nervous meeting, sitting and charting with the popular artists she had been seeing on air. It was so scary and she kept to her shell to avoid been embarrassed.

Mary has so far featured in series of movies both Yoruba and English films such as:
• Yanky Girls
• Breaking News
• Dry Scorpion among numerous others.

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She revealed that the movie, ‘Dry Scorpion’ shot her to fame and recognition in Nollywood because she played the role of a mad woman in the film. When the movie came out, too many people called to commend her for the role because it was so challenging playing that role.
Mary also revealed that her role as Biliki Sisiraju in a television series, ‘Clinic Matter’ was an eye opener and a boost in her popularity. The movie centred around a local lady in her thirties who came from Ibadan to Lagos in search of a job. She is so inquisitive to know things. She asks too many questions in a bid to find out everything and blend with Lagos life. Despite that, she has respect for the doctor and the nurses because she ended up getting a job in the hospital as a cleaner.

The soft-spoken, creative and talented Nollywood star stated that girls who opt for sex so as to get roles in movies are those who do not know their onions. She went further to state that “sex for role is only for those who do not know what they are doing. It is for those who do not believe in themselves. It is for those who do not have it but want to get there”.

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Her Role Model
Mary Ogbonna cites her own mother as her role model because she taught her so many things to become a woman, to be self disciplined and to relate well with people in the public. She also cites Joke Sylva as her second role model because she has the look of her mother and acts brilliantly well.

Mary however said that she does not aspire to be like any other person, saying, “I don’t aspire to be like anyone rather I aspire to be like me. The gift that God has given me, I want to bring it out so that people can take from me and desire to be like me. I want people to take me as their role model. I just want to be who I am”.

Her Personal Life
Mary Ogbonna is not yet married but hope strongly to actualize her dream soonest though, not in any relationship except the one she has with God.
On quitting acting, she concluded that the only thing that would make her quit is her husband but he would have to give cogent reasons.

Her Net Worth
Mary Ogbonna is indeed a star, currently waxing stronger by day in Nollywood with an estimated net worth of about $200,000 dollars.

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