Biography and Net Worth of Jimmy Jatt

Jimmy Jatt (popularly known as his stage name) was born into  the family of five from polygamous home on October, 1966 in Lagos.

His real name is Adewale Amu. History had it that he was named after his incident in his grandmother’s life. Like most unique and famous personality, his young years were full of events.


Jimmy’s father, we are told was a successful sound dealer, who set up music studio. This, perhaps acted as a ladder for Jimmy to climb to the limelight of entertainment industry in Nigeria.

Jimmy developed interest in music, listening to blues, soul and jazz and high life and R & B disco indigenous genres like juju, and pop and finally became a star in hip hop and rapping.

In the 80s, Jimmy started growing up in his hip-hop music in Nigeria. He developed interest in break dance, attending parties and night clubs even before he could attain the age, entertaining audience while following his brother Gigs to shows and eventually became famous.

He started as a rapper and was addressed as Master DJ. After lots of unsuccessful record labels to support him, he became a full DJ. With his brothers support, he became popular entertaining audience. Through the help of his brothers, he set up a studio named JATT STUDIO and later on became DJ Jimmy Jatt.

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The studio which is located in a very strategic place in Odo Street actually brought Jimmy DJ performance skills and hip-hop to the limelight of entertaining industry in Nigeria. He has performed brilliantly well for Ray Power, Television Stations and other Radio Shows across the country.


Jimmy is often regarded as the father of hip-hop music across the country from 90’s he became famous on the scene of Lagos till date.

Between 1989 and 1990, Jimmy Jatt is regarded as Africa number 1 DJ and has signed deals with gigantic companies like Guinness, Globacom, MTN, Coca cola, St. Moritz Benson and Hedges and lots of others.

Jimmy Jatt has become so popular in big shows and night clubs across the country that any event without Jimmy performing is seen as small boy show. He is the father of DJ in the Nigerian Music industry.

In addition, DJ as a career in Nigeria was initially was relegated to the background, as a place for never do well and for not serious-minded persons. His platform has been able to put the youths on a serious footing and the likes of Junior and Pretty, Daddy Fresh, Daddy Shokey, DJ Abdullahi, El Cream, Ruff Rugged and many successful music and DJ icons were brought to limelight.

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Jimmy has also demystified the belief surrounding the DJ career by making them know that DJ as a profession can put food on the table of man in Nigeria.

Recently, in October 2018, DJ Association of Nigeria was launched in Lagos. This union like Nollywood comprises of all DJ members drawn across the country. Today, one can rightly say this union was a dream product of Jimmy Jatt.

He also set they call ‘road block’ in the street Carnival which was a stage for lyrical battles and those aspiring artists in Nigeria. He has travelled far and wide across the country and become very popular with hip-hop music not only in Nigeria but beyond.

Jimmy’s product ‘The Definition 2007’ brought about over 50 Nigerians best Artists like Tuface Idibia, Elajoe and others in the Nigeria music industry. This singular event, we are told was so successful and eventually earned him numerous awards.


His Awards

Jimmy awards are many and they are as follow:

  • Channel O Africa Music Video Award
  • Sound City Music Video Award
  • Nigerian Music Video Award and other Nigerian Music awards etc.

Jimmy Jatt has made it with notable figures in Nigerian artists and International artists including the famous 50 Cent, Sean Paul, LLf Cool J among others.

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In the year 2011, Jimmy has also received honours from notable figures and organizations including the Remmy Martin VIP party in October, 2013 and Red Bull at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in far away Tokyo.

Social Crusader

Jimmy Jatt was a social crusader and led a campaign against unprotected sex, a National Campus Tour to keep young Nigerians to play safe.

Jimmy is married for over 20 years and the marriage is blessed with two children.


His Net Worth

Jimmy Jatt’s is widely known as the number one DJ not only in Nigeria but across Adrica with a  net worth placed at over $4 million dollars.




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