Actress Idiat Shobande: Biography And Net Worth

Idiat Shobande is sometimes written as Idiat Sobande. She is a popular Nigerian actress, who acts in Yoruba genres of movie.
She was born and raised in Ogun State where she had her primary and secondary school certificates respectively. Date and year of her birth not known.

Her Acting Career
Idiat joined Yoruba movie industry, a Nollywood subsidiary, in 1995 and began acting majorly in Yoruba movies.
Idiat has since starred in several Yoruba films, some of which include:
• Iyawo Saara
• Abode Mecca
• Kondo Olopa
• Omo Iya Ajo
• Aramotu.
• Láròdá Ojò (2008)
• Igbeyin Ewuro (2009) among others.
Idiat is creative and highly talented Yoruba star known for her intriguing roles in movies. She has remained one of the strong pillars with long years of experience who have made tremendous contributions to the growth and development of the industry.
In 2010, Idiat played the role of Aramotu in a movie which portrayed Yoruba women as making major impacts in an ancient society. Her exceptional role in the said movie earned her an award at the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading role nomination. She eventually lost the award to Ama Abebresse, a Ghanaian actress.

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In 2011, Idiat revealed to Vanguard, that her role in Aramotu as a woman of affluence, prompted her to champion a cause for gender equality in Nigeria.
Her Personal Life
Idiat Shobande has been happily married with two children.

Her Net Worth
Idiat Shobande is a force to reckon with in Yoruba movie industry, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $700,000 dollars.

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