Steve Crown’ Biography And Net Worth


Steve Crown is a Nigerian sensational gospel singer who was born in Abuja. He is from Plateau State, Nigeria.

Career Background

He became interested in music at a very tender age of four. At the age of eight, he joined Saint John’s Anglican Church Choir. Later, he became a part of the well-known Club, Deacon Kids Band.


Steve Crown songs centre majorly on gospel songs which are full of anointing, displayed in concerts, making videos for his songs, sending his messages to the world. One can therefore say that Steve views of wonders of life are strong inspirations of his gospel music.

It is for this reason, he founded Lakelight Entertainment, of which he is the President. Lakelight entertainment is a platform created to help young people to discover their place in this life, to save souls, those who are lost spiritually and to teach the youths to work hard for the attainment of their goals and above all, to discover the Greatness of God.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Sun Information on how his popular song came up, Steve Crown highlighted the wonders of God. “Sometimes, I sit and ask myself questions. I keep trying to find the right answers to them. I ask myself questions on the existence of man. I ask myself how creation, sun, birds, and sea came about. Everything is just perfect. Time and season come and go without failing. I have asked myself questions about miracles. You see someone who had a problem and the problem was solved, just because he called upon Jesus.” No wonder, his songs are spiritually loaded touching the soul.

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One remarkable lifestyle about this handsome young man is that Steve Crown is blessed with melodious voice as he is worshipping God always.


After a few years of hard work, the young super star grew to become one of the most respected and most watched gospel artistes in Nigeria with a number of gospel collections to his credit.  Top Steve Crown’s videos “You are Great” “Imela” “Ejiro” “All the way” and several other others.


Steve Crown also said “I wondered about all these mysteries. But the one that makes me wonder the most is God, who created heaven and earth, can we tell who created Him? Okay, that question can run anybody mad. So, for me, I felt that God who we can’t tell who created must be feared.

He is just way too much for us to comprehend, and that is how You Are Great came about. Most prophets of old wrote about Him, but there is much more about Him that a human being can describe.”

Personal Life

The young talented music star voiced out his desire to get married to shield him from distractions. We learnt also that Steve did not know that his songs will become hit in the gospel entertainment industry. All he wanted was to reach out to many to be blessed by his music. We can rightly say for sure that his contemporary perception of gospel songs is a new breath for our generation. This is why he has large lovers and followers of his gospel songs.

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His Net Worth

Steve Crown is one of the most talented, most gifted, most popular and most successful gospel artistes in Nigeria today with a net worth of about $1 million dollars.

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