Actress Catherine Kamau: Biography And Net Worth

Catherine Kamau Karanja, fondly called Kate actress is a popular Kenyan actress and digital marketing influential.
She was born on February 3, 1987 in Nyahuru in Kenya. She is the first born in a family.

Educational Background
Catherine had her primary and secondary education at Chogoria High School and finally at Loeto Msogari in Kenya.
She later had a Diploma in Communication with emphasis on Public Relations at the College of Communication and Technology.

Her Acting Career
Catherine began acting dated back to her days in the secondary school as member of Drama Club.
She started acting professionally after graduation and was shot to fame and recognition in Kenyan movie industry after taking a role as Selina in their local TV Series “Mother-In-Law”.
Catherine is creative, skillful and highly talented Kenyan actress, known to perform brilliant roles in movies. She can as well accept any character given to her and she does it very well.

Catherine has starred in several movies, some of which include:
• Disconnect
• Plan B
• Sue Na Jonie and others.
Catherine’s co-associates have the cast of top Kenyan celebrities like Sarah Hassan, Daniel Etim Effiong among others.

Catherine Kamau has endorsement deals with Zaron Cosmetics. She is also Harpic Brand Ambassador. The deal is said to be of whooping sum.

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Her Personal Life
Catherine married the love of her life, Philip Karanja, an actor, movie producer and director in 2017. The marriage is blessed with two daughters.
She is reported to have had a son at an early age of 19. She is hardworking, a lover of fashion and commands respect in the Kenyan movie industry.

Her Net Worth
Catherine Kamau is one of the much talked about Kenyan actresses, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $500,000 dollars.

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