What You Should Know About Driving A Car.


Driving a car is a good thing in life. It is an added skill advantage to man especially young Nigerian graduates who are looking marketing jobs that involve driving a car. Again, ability to drive is a matter of the mind and is opened to all, irrespective of gender base.

Things You Should Know About Driving a Car:

  1. It is an added skill to man’s ability. Yes! For job seekers in the marketing companies, ability to drive will give you an edge over your colleagues who cannot drive.
  2. It adds to one’s comfort in life.
  3. It reduces the cost of doing business or businesses especially for a beginner or a growing company that needs to cut running cost.
  4. It helps you to manage time faster than otherwise.
  5. You must not drive under the influence of alcohol.
  6. Most modern cars of today are automatic and less cumbersome to drive. Take an advantage of this development.
  7. Avoid answering calls when driving or learning how to drive. Simply park the car in the right place if so important and answer your call.
  8. Please, also note that there is no perfection in driving on earth. When your hands become stronger in driving, that is even when you should be more careful. Avoid excessive speeding, it kills. On no condition must you try to harass or play with a person directing the car to the person in question. Is something mechanical and could fail brake.
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What does it take to drive a car? In other words, how can I drive a car?

Below are some of the technicalities of learning and driving a car.

  1. Is a Product of the Mind: Do not panic. Simply relax your mind. Listen to instructions from your teacher or instructor. Hold a short prayer to God for a guide and safety.
  2. You must be careful when learning how to drive. Remove phobia or that irrational fear especially when on steering. Position yourself well and gently take the bold step of moving the car. Be focused and have in mind that the non literates, irrespective of gender base can drive a car. So, if they can, what is more of you who are lettered?


  1. Take your seat and belt up in readiness to start kick the car. Then look straight to the direction you are driving to. You will see options like (R for Reverse, N for Neutral, d for drive, P for pause) Just put the selector on drive and throttle gently and gently, and you hold the steering of the car and it starts moving just as you control the car by steering gradually at the same time.
  2. Be calm and drive gently. Don’t drive under tension. Don’t have divergence of mind as to whether you will bash another man’s car. Just drive on gently. Please, a LEARNER’S PLATE NOTICE should be placed on the car to inform others that you are learning how to drive and that they should be careful with you or be distant from you.
  3. When you are learning how to drive a car, learn in a less busy place. Again, do not indulge in talking or telling stories with your instructor except on very important question bothering on driving.
  4. Be consistent: Consistency is the twin brother of perfection. When you are consistent in driving a car, you find out that the instructions and practical images soon become part of you in the shortest possible time.
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In conclusion, I want to use this post to inform you that there is no difference between the techniques I have explained here and the real practicals in driving. When you have strongly followed the laid down facts or techniques in driving, in a very short time, you will see yourself emerging a CHAMPION on how to drive a car.



Updated: August 20, 2018 — 11:34 am

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