Chioma Avril Rowland: Biography And Net Worth

Chioma Avril Rowland is her birth name, but widely known as Chefchi. She is a popular social media personality, professional chef and wife-to be to Nigerian famous musician, Davido.
She was born on May 1st, 1995 in Owerri, Imo State. She is presently the officially recognized fiancé to Davido. Chioma is from Imo state in south eastern Nigeria.

Educational Background
Chioma Avril Rowland had her primary and secondary education in Imo State respectively.
She later went to Backcock University in Ogun State to have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Chioma’s relationship with Davido kick-started in their days at Backcock University. A journey of a thousand mile, they say begins with just a step. So what seemed like a play is eventually heading towards marriage, especially now that the relationship has produced a baby boy.
In 2018, Chioma made her first Cameo appearance in Davido’s hit single, “Assurance” where Davido openly professed Chioma as his chosen love of his life.
Chioma is beautiful, calm, elegant with such magnetic personality which easily wins for any man. Perhaps this irresistible unique quality in Chioma has been the secret of the sustainability in their relationship inspite of the much pressure of women that might have come to Davido’s life till date.
The pair met at Backcock University as students and has remained in the relationship for a number of years now. The Nigerian superstar, Davido on his part has come out to declare his undying love for Chioma and is strongly believed that the climax of this whole journey will blossom into full blown marriage in the shortest possible time.

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Chioma is also a model and currently modeling for her sister Jennifer Rowland who is a fashion designer.

Her Net Worth
Chioma Avril Rowland is indeed one of the richest and most influential social media personality and professional Chef in Nigeria with a net worth of about $950,000 dollars.

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